Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Services.

What services do you provide?
- Web Hosting

The Network.

How fast is the servers connection to the internet?
- Our server is on a one Gigabit connection with multiple tier one carriers for redundancy.

Presales Questions.

Do you take international orders?
- Yes. We gladly host customers worldwide.

What kind of payment types do you accept?
- We accept Paypal and all major credit cards via Paypal.

What kind of e-mail program do you provide?
- You can use any POP3 mail client, such as MS Outlook Express, or you can use one of our three webmail programs.

How long does it take to setup my account?
- It generally takes less than an hour to setup a new account, but never more than 24 hours after we receive payment.

Account Questions.

How will I access my account?
- All accounts come with an easy to use control panel called "cPanel". cPanel makes it easy to administer all aspects of your account.
- To transfer files to or from your account, you can either use the File Manager in cPanel or FTP into your account using any FTP client.
- Your Welcome E-mail will provide all the infromation needed to fully access your web files, FTP server and e-mail.

Where do I put the index.html or other web files?
- You place all web files in the "public_html" directory.

If I dont have a registered domain, what will my website address be?
- If you dont have a domain setup, your web site will be

Does my account come with Fantastico suite?
- Yes, Fantastico Deluxe Suite with over 40 scripts, providing lots of easy to use programs.

How do I keep track of my billing information?
- Each client will have private access to our billing system with which you can keep track of your invoices, due dates and pay your bill.

Can I upgrade my account at any time?
- Yes. If our current selection of plans does not meet your needs, we will customize a plan to your specifications or you can add
- bandwidth or storage to your current plan at the following rates:
- Upgrades: $2/1GB Bandwidth and $2/50Mb Disk Space
- NOTE: There is a 3 month minimum signup for all custom plans.

cPanel Questions.

What is cPanel?
- cPanel is a browser based end user account manager that lets you administer all aspects of your account. You can use cPanel to create sub accounts, e-mails, ftp accounts in addition to all the other features listed on our Hosting Plans page.

Are there instructions for cPanel?
- Yes, there is documentation for cPanel right in cPanel on the bottom left corner.

What is the Cron Tab feature?
- This feature gives you an easy way to automate certain commands.

E-Mail Questions.

Will I have E-mail?
- E-Mail comes with all hosting plans.

How do I set up my E-Mail?
- Your e-mail will be set up when your account is created. You can use one of the three web based e-mail programs in your cPanel or set up your POP3 mail program using the information provided in your Welcome

How do I access the webmail programs?
- To access webmail, you can either:
- 1) Log into cPanel and click the "WebMail" icon. -or-
- 2) Go to

How do I add E-Mail accounts?
- You can create e-mail accounts through your control panel, simply click on the "Mail" icon then "Add".

I forgot a password to an E-mail account, what can I do?
- If you forgot a password to a regular E-mail account you can log into your control panel and go to the Mail Section. In that section go to Add/Remove accounts. There is a feature to change the password on each email account.

What E-Mail program should I use?
- As long as your e-mail program supports POP3, it should work with our system.

Misc. Questions.

What happens if I exceed my bandwidth/storage?
- If you are coming close to your bandwith or storage limit we will send you an email telling you so. You may then do one of the following:
- 1) Do nothing. A page stating that the customer has exceeded his/her bandwidth will appear at your url for the remainder of the month.
- 2) You can upgrade to a higher plan.
- 3) You can purchase additional bandwidth/storage at the cost of $2 per gigabyte of bandwidth and $2 per 50 megabytes of storage.

Do you allow adult content?
- Yes, adult content is allowed as long as it is legal. It must abide by U.S. and your local laws. reserves the right to remove anything deemed illegal at our sole descretion. Read our TOS and AUP for more info.

Do you allow shell access?
- No, we do not allow shell access.

Are there any setup fees?
- No, there are no setup fees or hidden charges.

Can I register a domain through you?
- No, we do not currently setup domains for clients, but its very simple and we can help you with it.

How can you charge such low prices?
- Our prices are low because we dont overcharge our clients, it's THAT simple. We priced our plans based on a sound business plan so we make profit, but not at your expense. We also do NOT oversell our accounts....the bandwidth and storage you pay for is YOURS and yours alone.

How do I get customer support if I need it?
- Customer support is available via e-mail. We enjoy interacting with our clients and working together with you to solve ANY problem or to just lend a hand when needed. We have all been subject to bad customer service and know how frustrating it can be. You will never be let down by